Management Plan

Long term objectives
To manage the Wood so as to maintain and enhance its semi-natural, mostly broad-leaved, habitat and conserve and improve its biodiversity
To provide and enhance provisions for public access
To maintain access-ways and other facilities used by visitors
To encourage and publicise research
To encourage and promote education and recreation
To support voluntary involvement

The local authority (Argyll and Bute Council) is responsible for the management of Duchess Wood and is advised by Scottish Natural Heritage. Lower Clyde Greenspace acts as agents for Argyll and Bute Council and carry out most of the contracted work in Duchess Wood.

Argyll and Bute Council formed a management committee to assist in the development of the wood as a Local Nature Reserve. This management committee is known as the LNR management committee which consists of members of various local groups including Helensburgh Greenbelt Group, Access Forum, as well as council employees.
The Forestry Commission has provided a grant to help realise the potential of the wood with respect to educational and recreational use as well as to help conserve the native flora and fauna found in Duchess Wood.
A management plan for Duchess Wood has been drawn up for the period of 2016 to 2021.
The long term management aim is to give the wood a more natural composition and structure.
Friends of Duchess Wood was set up during the summer of 2007 to enable a wider and more active involvement of the local community in Duchess Wood.
Although Friends of Duchess Wood is a separate organisation from the LNR Management Committee, it works closely with the council to help ensure that the local community derives benefit from the wood.