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Duchess Wood: Education

An aim of Friends of Duchess Wood is to encourage the incorporation of Duchess Wood into school's curricula.
Teaching in Duchess Wood 
  • Duchess Wood is a place of education for local children.
  • Working together, '4 Local Schools' and The Forestry Commission developed a learning pack based on Duchess Wood.
  • Small posts with numbers on them have been placed at different points in the wood. These numbers are cross-referenced in the learning pack. 
  • A teacher's resource pack along with worksheets for pupils was also developed. This pack can also be used by anyone using the wood.

Download a copy of the Teacher's Resource Pack

Pupils of Rhu Primary School
enjoy a lesson in Duchess Wood
School Curriculum 
  • The Forest-School Project was set up to teach all parts of the curriculum through school work carried out in Duchess Wood.
  • Rhu Primary School was the pilot for this project. 

For more information and for educational resources, visit the Forest Education Initiative website.

Pupils also learn about trees
and timber products in
the classroom
Friends of Duchess Wood and Education
Having fun whilst learning  
Friends of Duchess Wood volunteers, including a lecturer in Ecology from Glasgow University, taught local children how to recognise trees using leaves and how to identify freshwater bugs found in the streams in Duchess Wood at the Rhu Gala in June 2008.
Children visiting the Friends of Duchess Wood stall had the opportunity to learn how to identify the trees and freshwater bugs using guides and to learn which trees are native to Scotland and which ones are not.
Actual leaves from the trees found in Duchess Wood were available for the children to hold and freshwater bugs from the streams in Duchess Wood crawled around in trays for the children to watch.
After this, the children completed a quiz based on what they had learned with the opportunity to win 1 of 2 prizes: a pond dipping kit and a tree identification kit.  
Fun was had by all!
Friends of Duchess Wood
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Last updated: 09 March 2015